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Mid May 2020 Real Estate Market Update
Cristi McGowan, Real Estate Broker and Owner of NextHome Our Town, compares the national unemployment to local statistics and explains the potential impact on housing. For expert Waco, Texas real estate advice, call NextHome Our Town at 254-855-9500 or visit
Recession? Yes! Housing Crisis? NO!
On Monday June 8th, the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) announced that the U.S. economy is officially in a recession. Though not surprising, headlines announcing the country is in a recession will cause consumers to remember the devastating impact the last recession had on the housing market just over a decade ago. The real estate market, however, is in a totally different position than it was then.
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NextHome Our Town Listing Consult
The NextHome Our Town listing consultation with Cristi McGowan
4 Reasons Buyers are Buying Homes in 2021
Even when sellers aren't selling... buyer's are on the prowl! What's the big deal driving buyers to buy? The reasons are all non-traditional Biggies focused on Pain and Opportunity. Watch for more
5 Ways to Buy BEFORE You Sell your home
Cristi McGowan, Broker with NextHome Our Town summarizes 5 ways you can Buy your next home before you sell your old home. Its all about being money wise and eliminating the risk of being homeless in this super competitive, low-inventory market. To understand more and choose the solution that works best for you, text Cristi at 254-271-1354 to set up an online or in person chat.
Mid March 2021 Update
What is the strongest tailwind of today's economic recovery? Housing! The industry has held our shit together in spite of the pandemic and continues to be the biggest driver to the light at the end of the tunnel. a Single home purchase contributes, on average, $40,000-$90,000 in revenue to circulate depending on whether you purchase a new home or resale. Cristi McGowan, Broker and Owner of NextHome Our Town, breaks down the numbers and talks about the industry going forward.
Don't Panic About a Housing Bubble in 2021
Here's 1 of the many reasons Why NOT to Panic about a Housing Bubble in 2021 - Lending Standards explained and compared to 2006 with graphs and expert's quoted.